Suara Bangsamoro Salutes Philippines’s Chief Justice

Apr. 23, 2007

By Zaynab Ampatuan
First Nominee, Suara Bangsamoro Partylist

Suara Bangsamoro Partylist salutes Chief Justice Reynato Puno for standing up for human rights vis--vis the senseless war on terror.

To CJ Puno, we say: May your tribe increase!

The Bangsamoro people are solidly behind CJ Puno in his critique of the anti-human rights and repressive war on terror that is mimicked by the Arroyo administration in near lethal doses. The Filipino Muslims are made the usual suspects by insensitive people in the current administration and military leadership in this mindless war. We are only too happy that we have a CJ Puno who rushes to our defense.

We expect more human rights violations and atrocities to be committed in the name of anti-terrorism when the Human Security Act is enforced.

This Human Security Act actually symbolizes the lowest depths of national insecurity. This law aims to perpetuate the illegitimate rule of Mrs. Arroyo. She will use this law against her opponents and critics, the Bangsamoro people included, but with a twist. The law will then be used by military and police officials to call us terrorists.

We hope that under the leadership of CJ Puno, the Supreme Court will remain steadfast on its independence and advocacy for human rights and civil liberties of the Bangsamoro and the Filipino people versus the pro-foreign and pro-militarist stance of Mrs. Arroyo. #

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