Unsolved killings alarm Muslims, Christians

Jun. 29, 2009

Unsolved killings alarm Muslims, Christians

By Concerned Information News Service/MMNS
(August 15, 1987 News Digest Volume 1, August 1987-July 1988 Posted by Davao Today)

PALEMBANG, Sultan Kudarat (CINS/MMNS) — Tension has gripped Muslims and Christians in this coastal town as a spate of unsolved killings continued until early this month. Four persons have died, 12 others were injured, and six fishing boats have been taken away by pirates since July.

Only the suspect in the latest incident, the murder of tricylce driver Muslime Lagsak, has been identified by police. Lagsak mutilated body was found at the end of Milbuk Logging Company’s airstip last August 2. His assailants was identified as Kasis Onong, also a Muslim who was said to have two christian conspirators.

On August 1, a teen-age son of an employee at the logging firm was stabbed near the guesthouse. He survived but the suspects were unknown.

The series of attacks started July 21 when heavily armed men staged an ambush in Barangay Napunapon, instantly killing two men, and wounding 12 others. The fatalities were identified as Erel Geriada and Danilo Jaoud. Responding troopers recovered from the scene M-79, Garand, Faln and M-16 rifles empty shells.

In Barangay Sinangcagan, a week after the ambush, the body of a Muslim only known as Lalao was found floating off the coast.

“Who our enemies are, we do not know,” an elderly resident said.

Fishermen Dukes Queruben, Dodong Mulit and Nilo Siantong lost their pumpboats to pirates last July 31 while three others were taken 11 days earlier. The suspects reportedly belong to a Muslim rebel group. Three bancas were lost August 1 in Barangay San Roque. The owners and suspects were not identified. (Media Mindanao News Service News Digest Volume 1, August 1987-July 1988 Posted by Davao Today).

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