Call for Justice Deepens 5 Months after Yolanda, US-Aquino Regime Slammed for Being ‘Useless

Apr. 08, 2014


08 April 2014

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) joined thousands of youth, typhoon victims and survivors, and other organizations in a mobilization from Mendiola today. The said protest marks the commemoration of the 5th month since super typhoon Yolanda’s (Haiyan) devastation of Eastern Visayas. According to LFS, this day also marks the 5th month of the derelict disaster response and criminal neglect of the Aquino government.

This day of action was spearheaded by People Surge, a broad alliance of Yolanda victims, survivors, and supporting individuals and organizations. According to LFS, it also serves to reap more support for the survivors of super typhoon Yolanda and remind the people to continue demanding justice from the Aquino government.

Charlotte Velasco, LFS spokesperson, expressed denouncement for the government’s lack of response for the victims’ demand for ‘justice, rights and dignity’. “BS Aquino is worse than any disaster! He’s a monster of remorseless negligence and cruelty,” exclaimed Velasco.

The youth leader also stated her contempt on the administration’s ‘hollow’ relief and rehabilitation efforts. “Many have lost their appetite for the current government since news about the pathetic disaster preparedness and response broke the headlines. Things get worse now that the government is willing to shell so much money to aid US intervention yet still neglect the demands of typhoon victims,” said Velasco.

Velasco said that the youth will remain vociferous and militant in exposing the terrible offenses of the current administration, especially now that the people has to confront the railroading of de facto US military bases and intensified US intervention under the Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation.

“Aquino wants to win the trophy as the imperialist US’ most loyal lapdog and he’s been dragging his leash, doing desperate things to bootlick his foreign master. But the youth will continue to oppose his self-serving plans,” stated Velasco.

The LFS spokesperson said that fiery mobilizations will be held to protest Obama’s arrival in the Asia Pacific and to confront his visit the Philippines.


Charlotte Velasco, LFS National Spokesperson

(63) 926 594 5243

Aries Gupit, LFS Deputy Secretary General

(63) 905 331 3902 ; (63) 939 767 3904

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