DOH- XI warns residents of illnesses due to extreme temperatures

Apr. 04, 2014

DAVAO CITY, Mar 31 (PIA) A health authority  in Davao Region urged residents to be wary of the illnesses brought about by extreme temperatures.

Speaking at the Kapehan sa SM City, Dr. Cleofe Tabada, head of the Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU) of the Department of Health 11 said that regardless of the season, Davao Region experiences extreme temperatures, a primary factor in the occurrence of illnesses like respiratory infection, gastro-intestinal problem and low immune system.

She said getting sick nowadays is not remote even if its summer because it may be sunny during the day but rain would usually occur at night.

Tabada said children are totally protected from diseases because often they stay inside the house during summer.

She said even indoors, children are prone to diseases because of their exposure to people, including their friends.

“Extreme temperatures usually cause colds, headache as reaction of our body.  Under these circumstances, respiratory infection is common,” Tabada said.

She urged parents to have their children checked by a doctor if the fever lasts for two days already.

Tabada said parents must also look closely on the nutrition of their children given that they are free to roam around, where they are either over or underfed which causes gastro-intestinal problems.

She said extreme weather conditions also cause lowering of the immune system.

Tabada said due to the impact of the extreme temperature to the immune system, the population is prone to whatever prevailing illnesses in the area.

She said it is a must to take good care of the immune system by proper rest, nutrition, less exposure to extreme temperatures and proper hygiene.

“Sleep for six to eight hours or do cat nap during midday, proper nutrition, medical check up and proper hygiene, these are ways to prevent any disease,” Tabada pointed out.  (Philippine Information Agency Region11)

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