GWP: Corporatization of gov’t hospitals kills women’s access to health

Jun. 02, 2012

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27 May 2012

GWP: Corporatization of gov’t hospitals kills women’s access to health

Gabriela Representatives Luz Ilagan and Emmi de Jesus joined the regional delegates of GWP’s 5th National Congress in Women Walk for Access to Healthcare, proceeding to Lung Center, National Kidney Transplant Institute, and Philippine Heart Center, today, May 27.  The women lawmakers lambasted the railroading of the passage of HB 6069 converting 26 government hospitals into government corporations.  They said that through this bill, the government abandons its responsibility on providing for people’s health and allowing local and foreign businesses to profit from the people’s health.

“The conversion will be very detrimental to marginalized women and children because they are the majority of patients in government hospitals,” Ilagan said.

Ilagan noted, the World Health Organization stated that a government must set aside at least 5% of its Gross National Product (GNP) for health.  But of the PHP 3 Trillion (USD 0.07T) Philippine GNP for 2011’s 3th quarter, the Aquino government allocated only PHP 42.69 Billion (USD 0.98B) for health services or just PHP 1.17 (USD 0.03) per day for every Filipino.

“The government has totally abandoned its responsibility to deliver accessible health care services by slashing the health budget and pushing for privatization of government hospitals through the PPP.  It refuses to see that the cost of health services will increase and thereby displace charity patients.  Where will poor Filipinos go if they can no longer afford government hospitals?  Will they just stay home and await their death because they cannot afford hospital care?” De Jesus added.

She furthered, as women and their families continue to be plagued by joblessness, low wages, and landlessness amid the incessant increase in the price of basic goods and services, the grim condition of women and their families is further aggravated by inaccessible health care services.  And because of the decreasing family income, the budget for health becomes a family’s least priority to give way to food and other services.

“Corporatization blocks women’s access to health services.  It’s just right that women gather together and convey united stance to demand for the government’s duty to deliver accessible basic health services especially to the marginalized women and her family,” Ilagan ended.

The Women walk for access to healthcare is a build-up activity of a national health campaign which will be formally launched during the GWP 5th National Convention in Abelardo Hall, UP Diliman on May 28, 2012, on the occasion of International Day of Action for Women’s Health.

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