Our environmental agenda Our commitment to defend the environment, life and patrimony

Apr. 26, 2010

Forty years after the declaration of the Earth Day on April 22, 1970, the growing global movement for environmental protection faces far greater challenges than ever.

The world reels from the greed of imperialist nations, from the unbridled plunder of our natural resources, and the urgent need for massive rehabilitation and protection of our environment cannot be more emphasized.

The Earth Day celebration is an opportune time to let our voices be heard against the growing influx of destructive “developmental projects” such as large-scale mining, corporate dams, and agribusiness plantations of trans-national corporations and local corporations by the imperialist countries led by the United States.

On the 40th Earth Day, let us join the rest of the world in demanding justice and accountability from nations and corporations that are primarily responsible for the destruction of Mother Earth and the tragic deaths of people across the globe because of such destruction.

Today, we thus present the following environmental agenda as our unified position on the crucial environmental issues that pose significant impacts on our socio-economic, political life, and on our future.

Let these be our our pledge to mother earth, our commitment to our heritage and the next generation of Filipinos, our commitment to defend land, human rights, life, and patrimony:

1. Reclaim our rights to defend the environment and our natural resources

2. Assert our stewardship and innate rights to land against the aggressors and plunderers who seek to extract the wealth of our nation for corporate profit

3. Oppose large scale mining, corporate mega dams and other destructive projects that lead to the massive destruction of forests, agricultural lands, ancestral domains, rivers and oceans, and thus result to hunger, spread of diseases, and deprivation of the Filipino people of the country’s natural wealth

4. Oppose the abusive military operations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), paramilitary units, private armies and the Investment Defense Force operating in ancestral areas

5. Support pro-people and pro-environment policies and programs;

6. Seek justice for all environmental and human rights defenders who have been subject to killings and other human rights violations;

7. Support the communities in their vigilance as they oppose the entry of pseudo-development projects of foreign multi-capital and profit-oriented corporations and its local counterpart companies;

8. Continue to work for the protection of the environment through education, advocacy, and environmental rehabilitation initiatives;

9. Work with alliances, groups, and individuals who share the same goals and advocacy;

10. Defend our environmental rights, our national patrimony.

We thus commit to work for the realization of these calls and just demands.

Let our thumbprint, signatures or hand print be the seal of our commitment.

Signed on the commemoration of the 40th Earth Day:


Francis Morales, Panalipdan – Southern Mindanao, 09394818848

Diolito Diarog, Katribu Partylist, 0939-8410032


Datu Monico Cayog, Pasaka Confederation of Lumad Organizations

Prof. Meriam Estrada, Kadumahan Teachers

Prof. Myfel Paluga, ACT-Teachers & Sagip

Ariel Casilao, Bayan Muna

Sr. Julita Encarnacion, MA, Rural Missionaries Of The Philippines

Atty. Leah Librado, Bayan Muna

Rev. Bong Binigian, Pagbabago

Atty. Angela Librado, Bayan Muna, Davao City Council

Joel Virador, Bayan Muna

Dr. Jean Lindo, Liza Maza for Senator Movement

John Birondo, Bayan

Atty. Eduardo Estores, Satur for Senator Movement

Mae Fe Templa, Kyabaan


Emma Ricaforte, Nonoy Librado Development Fund (NLDF)

Kaliwat Cultural Performing Company

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