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Feb. 03, 2013

Press Statement
1 February 2013

A statement on the USS Cheyenne docking and unresolved USS Guardian crash

Amidst the fervor created by the USS Guardian intrusion into a world protected site, and eventual destruction of a 1,000 square meters of coral reef at the Tubbataha Bay, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan–Southern Mindanao denounces the docking of USS Cheyenne (SSN 773) at Subic Bay today.

To further allow the continued intrusion of US military warships in the Philippine territory blatantly mocks national sovereignty, even more so as this was permitted at the height of a national, if not, international alarm, over the destruction of a world heritage site.

Moreover, the Aquino government’s cowardly acceptance of the US government’s apology over the USS Guardian’s unlawful entry which led to the destruction of the Tubbataha coral reef is a spineless demeanor revealing the President’s shameful loyalty to US interests.

Despite the severe environmental damage and the US military’s witting violation of laws which categorically prohibits the entry of shipping vessels within such a protected site, President Aquino continues to turn a blind eye to the root cause of the Tubbataha tragedy, which is anchored on the Visiting Forces Agreement and other pro-US interests laws and agreements.

With the Aquino policy regime’s feeble grounds on this grave national concern, there is much alarm to be raised on the possible direction of the government’s bravado and assertion of sovereignty to make the US military and government to account for every inch of coral destroyed, and for every ounce of arrogance portrayed for consciously trespassing internationally protected sites.

The arrival of the USS Cheyenne today highlights the US military’s arrogance and contempt of Philippine laws and interests.  This and other US military’s continuing crimes against the Filipino people further legitimize the call for the junking of the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Mutual Logistical Support Agreement and other pro-US military agreements.

By virtue of our assertion for our sovereign right as a nation, and in line with the Constitutional provision prohibiting US military basing in the country, all US military warships, war materiel, officers must be pulled out without question and delay.  This is an imperative.

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Sheena Duazo
Secretary General, Bayan-SMR

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