Philippines: Continuing executions and abductions show “business as usual” for state security forces

Apr. 17, 2007

April 13, 2007
Reference: Jigs Clamor, Deputy Secretary General (Mobile No. 09228149751)

Karapatan-Panay Sec Gen ambushed, 2 other human rights defenders abducted
Continuing executions and abductions show “business as usual” for state security forces

The Philippine human rights group Karapatan today condemned the frustrated killing of its Panay Island Secretary General Jose Ely “Leeboy” Garachico, 50 years old, and the abduction of two other human rights defenders who were with him in Iloilo.

The initial report gathered by Karapatan reveals that Garachico, along with Nilo Arado of Bayan -Panay and Luisa Posa Dominado of SELDA-Panay, were traveling in Oton, Iloilo last night at around 10PM when a van overtook their vehicle and shot Garachico in the neck. The assailants then forced Arado and Dominado out of the vehicle. They have not been located until now. Garachico is receiving medical attention at the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital.

Speaking at the indignation rally held by human rights and multi-sectoral organizations at the Welcome Rotonda monument in Quezon City, Karapatan Deputy Secretary General Jigs Clamor condemned the slay attempt on Garachico and the enforced disappearance of Arado and Dominado.

From March 22 April 3 or within 13 days, 7 victims fell prey to abductions and disappearances, two of whom turned up dead; one girl was killed in Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, Cavite and Compostela Valley in Mindanao. The slay attempt on Garachico and abduction of Arado and Dominado on April 12 is the first reported incident in Panay Island.

Clamor said, “The continuing executions and abductions show that it is more than business as usual for state forces, they are doing the business more briskly and with more impunity. We also note with alarm that the perpetrators are resorting more to abductions and disappearances now that extrajudicial killings have been condemned.”

“It is as if the more the human rights community assail and protest these dastardly acts, the more the perpetrators are emboldened to commit them,” said Clamor.

Clamor also said that the atrocities continue to happen despite the Arroyo government’s announcements that measures are being taken to “resolve the problems.”

“All Mrs. Arroyo has to do is order the state security forces to put a stop to these atrocities, IF she is really intent on putting a stop to these violations,” Clamor concluded####

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