Philippines: Group Urges Candidates to Include Family Planning in Platform

Apr. 17, 2007

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April 14, 2007
Press Release

Heed the peoples call, include family planning in your platform of government or lose in the election! The Forum

This was the strong statement of population advocacy The Forum for Family Planning and Development as the latest result of Ulat ng Bayan Pulse Asia survey indicates 8 out of 10 Filipinos deems it important for candidates to include family planning in their program of action.

The data from the latest survey of Pulse Asia will speak for itself, the people deems it important that candidates makes a stand on the issue of population. The candidates should not just shrugged off their shoulders and ignore the peoples clamor for such measures, said Benjamin de Leon, President of The Forum for Family Planning and Development.

In the latest survey, 52% or 1 out of 2 Filipinos say that a candidates support for family planning will lead to his/her electoral victory against 6% who says it will lead to defeat.

According to De Leon, as the country is now faced with overpopulation, hunger and poverty, we are calling to all candidates to prove their allegiance to the people of this Republic by following our call and be assured of victory in the coming election.

The Catholic Church just came out with a Ten Commandment for voters urging the people not to support candidates promoting reproductive rights and family planning, saying it goes against the will of God.

De Leon argued that 44% of Filipinos think that the church should not participate in the issue of couples choice of family planning against 33% who thinks church should participate so why be afraid of antagonizing the church when it is the people who will decide if they would vote for a candidate or not based on their platform of government.

De Leon argued that curtailing the peoples right to freedom choice is more unchristian, undemocratic and unconstitutional as freedom of choice is a fundamental human right recognized by our Constitution and democratic famework, but above all, by God.

We are calling all candidates, address the issue of population management, reproductive health and rights and not be mum about it. The people have spoken, keep ignoring our clamor and be ready to be ignored by our peoples votes. Dare to stand up for our rights to freedom of choice and reproductive healt, and we will make our voices be heard that you deserve a seat in our government, dared De Leon.(30)
For interviews and other information, you may contact Benjamin De Leon, President of the Forum for Family Planning and Development, 0917-8587952 or Carol Claudio, Project Assisstant for Media Work, 0927-2674701.

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