Philippines: Palace Dodging Issue of Partylist Memo Gabriela

Apr. 23, 2007

MANILA — Gabriela Womens Partylist Representative Liza
Largoza Maza today said that no amount of
hedging can account for the issues surrounding
the palace memo detailing how public funds are to
be used in building up partylist groups that are
pro-administration and at the same time aimed
at dislodging progressive partylist groups from having seats in Congress.

There is this script, the palace memo, and the
primary actor seems to be the Office of External
Affairs (OEA) in Malacanang, the dirty tricks
department of Malacanang. Maza said.

Earlier, this same OEA has been reported to have
dealt in Partylist-for-sale scheme.

Instead of making noise, Presidential Legal
Adviser Sergio Apostol
should instead explain to the general public
why the signatory of the Palace memo,
former ASEC Marcelo T. Farinas II, former head
of the Special Concerns Group of the Office of
External Affairs (OEA-SCG) under the Office
of the :President, is now a nominee of the
Agbiag Partylist , the fake partylist in question, Maza added.

The issues are not just about Malacanang
dealing in bipartisan politics, nor violations of
the Omnibus election code. , Maza said.
Malacanang should explain why there seems to be
a concerted effort to destroy the progressive
partylists. Thie scheme detailed in the
confidential palace memo complements the
disqualification case against our parties and the
killings and harassment of our members and supporters” said. Maza.

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