Teachers to BS Aquino: Immediately resolve the trafficking of Filipino teachers in the US

Mar. 18, 2014
In commemoration of the death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion, teachers under the Alliance of Concerned Teachers condemn the continuing trafficking of Filipino teachers in the United States through the Philippine-based recruitment agencies.
“It is sad to note that because of the low pay and over worked status of the teachers in the country, our fellow educators are pushed to the limits and chose to go abroad even to work as domestic helpers just to make both ends meet for their families,” said ACT Secretary – General Ms. France Castro.
In the Philippines, teachers receive one of the lowest pay among the ranks of the professional. A newly-hired public school teacher in the country only receives an amount of P18, 549, which is way behind the P31, 000 needed by a family of four to have a decent status of daily living.

“This situation (migration of teacher’s abroad working as domestic helpers) give more meat to our call for the immediate passing of House Bill 245 which aims to increase public school teachers and non-teaching staff salaries to P25, 000 and P15, 000 respectively. Also, we call on BS Aquino to immediately resolve the cases of trafficking involving our fellow educators. Lastly, this situation will only be stopped if the teaching profession in the country receives just and decent pay which will make them able to provide the basic and essential needs of their families,” ended Ms. Castro.

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