Lando Dagansan, 43 and his son Judah, 15 were on their way home last Sunday (October 12) when members of the 66th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army peppered them with bullets in what was claimed by the military as an “accident”.

66th IB Commander, Col. Mike Logico, appeared together with the shooters, PFC Romel Escliba and PFC Jonard Cutmaya and platoon leader, 2nd Lt Eric Faller, in a dialogue between tribal leaders, local government officials, and the 66th IB at the Tribal hall of New Bataan municipality.

The military apologized for the event and assured the family of an impartial investigation.

However, Datu Daniel Pagantupan a former tribal representative, says that the tribal or the customary laws require that the killers of the father and son in the course of a military patrol shall also be meted with the death sentence.

Lando’s wife,  Gloria Dagasan together with their friends and relatives believes that what happened was not an accident. They continue to seek justice for the brutal killing of their love ones. (

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