Atty. Danilo Cullo, election officer of the Commission on Elections Davao gives updates on their preparations for the elections during the I-Speak press conference of the City Information Office (CIO) on Thursday, April 21. (Maria Patricia C. Borromeo/

POLL PRECINCTS IN MALLS. The Commission on Election bares placing of some polling precincts in two shopping malls in Davao City. Atty. Danilo Cullo, Davao City Commission of Elections officer speaks at the Ispeak press conference at the City Hall. (Maria Patricia C. Borromeo/

DAVAO CITY — The Commission of Elections (Comelec) disclosed that that two shopping malls – SM Ecoland Davao and Abreeza Ayala Mall – would host some of the election precincts in the May Presidential and local elections.

Attorney Danilo Cullo, Comelec election officer, said on Thursday, April 21 that​ only ​the nearby barangays would be​allowed to cast their votes in the malls to avoid hassle.

“It is not allowed if you (live) far from the mall and you will be registered there,” Cullo said.

He clarified that the ​malls w​ould only cater to five barangays each, as he said that many residents want to vote in the malls rather than in their designated school precincts.

“There are a lot of people who can’t stand on long lines and be exposed in the heat, so I think it is a good idea to give a chance on the mall voting,” Cullo said.

He added that this would give convenience to the voters.

Cullo clarified that apparently they thought that SM Lanang Premiere would also cater election.

“I conducted a public hearing in the 2nd district, but it was no use since SM premier will not cater to our barangays,” said Cullo.

Therefore​, Cullo ​said that there will be no mall voting for District 2, here.

Voters’ ID 

Meanwhile, Cullo confirmed that during the Election Day, voters do not have to present their voter’s identification (ID) card.

“You can vote using any valid ID,” Cullo said.

He also clarified to those voters complaining about their unclaimed IDs that the Comelec office here is not authorized to print the voters’ ID.

In fact, Cullo said that they already requested the Comelec national office to allow them to print the IDs, but they were not authorized.

“There is a centralized printing in Manila, so that is for the entire Philippines. That is why most of the time, the IDs will not be available on time,” Cullo said.

“We are just waiting for the voters’ ID that were printed in Manila. We will distribute (it) once we received the IDs,” Cullo said.

Campaign during election

Cullo also advised the voters that on May 8 and on the day of the election, wearing of shirts, ballers that has a face or name of their candidate will be prohibited.

“We are also not allowed to campaign in the polling stations,” Cullo said adding that it is against the rules of the Comelec.

Cullo also reported that as of now, there are no violations that were committed by the candidates except those posters that were not placed in designated area.

“We will conduct an operation about it, actually the third district conducted and operation “baklas” in their area,” Cullo shared.

Absentee voting

Cullo also reported that the ballots for absentee voting arrived yesterday Wednesday, April 20.

He said that the assigned person who will conduct the absentee voting would be the head of the department.

“Like for example the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the election will be conducted in their areas,” Cullo explained.

Cullo said that a committee for absentee voting based in Comelec Manila will “directly supervise the voting in the Department of Education, PNP and AFP.”

The absentee voting will be conducted on April 27, 2016. (

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