‘A Horrible Absence of Peace’

Jun. 28, 2006

interfaith.jpg Religious leaders held a rally on Tuesday to mourn the loss of many of their “co-workers in Christ” to death squads now hounding church workers, political activists, human-rights advocates and labor leaders in the country. The ecumenical Promotion of Church Peoples Response orgtanized the “Interfaith Prayer Rally for Peace and Justice” at the Centennial Park in Davao City. The horrible absence of peace is evident nowadays with the series of political killings in the country, said the Reverend Ariel Baladjay, the group’s secretary-general. Under Arroyo administration, he said, 21 pastors, priests and lay church members have been killed along with nearly 600 other Filipinos. Click here for more pictures. (davaotoday.com photo by Barry Ohaylan)

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