Amendments to Davao’s bike ordinance pushed

Feb. 12, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — A proposal to amend the Bicycle Ordinance of Davao City is being eyed to ensure bikers rights in the city.

Councilor Diosdado Mahipus, chairman of the committee on environment on Tuesday’s press conference told reporters that he is eyeing to file a revision on the existing Bicycle Ordinance which was filed by the late Councilor Leonardo Avila III in 2002 and approved in 2010.

The existing ordinance was enacted after some groups urged authorities to implement the allotted special lanes for bicycle and motorcycle owners.

Mahipus plans to include in his amendments the “biker’s privilege lane” in identified routes in the city to offer privilege to those who use bikes as their mode of transportation.

This idea, Mahipus said, is being patterned in some areas in Europe that he visited and will provide exclusive rights for bikers in their main roads.

“The clamor of our bicycle enthusiasts and health buffs is there because it is easy to use and if we look at the conservation of consumption of fuel we can save a lot,” Mahipus said.

The local legislator said the existing ordinance was not fully implemented after it was approved by the council.

He added that the ordinance needs amendments and adjustments to adopt the developments in Davao City.

In his proposal, Mahipus pushed for the recognition of the bikers’ rights, emphasizing that many of the road accidents today involve big trucks and bikers.

In a recent statement, the Bikers” group Tuburan Institute has made a call to the city government to institute moves to provide bike lanes in some streets in Davao City.

But Dionisio Abude, head of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) told reporters last week that the request for bike lanes cannot be materialized at present as most of the roads in the city have only two to four lanes that cater thousands of vehicles every day.

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It was in 2010 when the city approved the Bicycle Ordinance that provided a safer environment and created a more efficient flow for the existing bicycle traffic in the city. (

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