Aquino’s defense of DAP gets thumb down from netizens

Oct. 31, 2013

photo courtesy of Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) Facebook page


Davao City – Reactions from social media on President Benigno Aquino III’s televised speech Wednesday that centered on defending the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) were mostly on the negative.

Reactions posted on Twitter and Facebook slammed Aquino’s defense of the use of DAP, which came under criticism as un-Constitutional for diverting funds without Congressional approval.

Sherwin Desierto, graphic artist and videographer, said he wanted to hear Aquino explain why DAP was released to the senators after their impeachment trial on former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Kung talagang mabuti ang layunin ng DAP, sana ipinaliwanag ni PNoy kung papaanong nangyari na ang perang isinuhol sa mga senador na bomoto sa pagpapatalsik kay Corona ang perang galing mismo sa DAP. Hilaw ang kanyang speech kanina.(If DAP has good intentions, PNoy should have explained why the money paid for senators who voted for Corona’s impeachment came from DAP. His speech was half-baked),” he said.

Aquino, in his ten-minute statement, explained how DAP and other presidential funds were used for what he called “good governance.”

But for Ami, a government agency worker, she had more questions following Aquino’s explanation that presidential funds went to typhoon victims.

“He said that part of his presidential fund went to the victims of Sendong. Without this fund, the victims would not have been saved.  Question is isn’t there a contingency fund from the government? Even LGUs have this kind of fund. Or is he saying the contingency fund is equivalent to such a fund?,” she asked.

Radio broadcaster Joselito Lagon slammed Aquino for continuing to blame the past administration and other politicians in corrupting funds, while painting his government.

Puro papogi. puro sisi. Hindi nagnakaw, eh siya ngang nagbigay pahintulot sa pagkurakot. (Always wanting to look good and blame others. He didn’t steal, but he consented to corruption,” Lagon said.

Activist Apolinario Gabviola said the President’s statement could be an attempt to boost his sagging ratings. “Natakot lang siguro sa bumagsak nyang popularity rating (Must have been scared his popularity ratings dropped.) A waste of time.”

Development worker Percenita Sanchez also shared the same observation. “Pork is pork, call it by any name it is still pork. Nahalangan na jud ang administrasyon sa all-out attack sa pork ug DAP. (The administration is feeling the all-out attack on pork and DAP)”

ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao station manager Art Bonjoc said Aquino’s stand contrasted his “matuwid na daan” (right path) motto.

“Kung mag TV speech man lang, sana inayos mo na….. tsk tsk tsk… sayang ang mga katagang “matuwid na daan”…. saan ang matuwid, noy? panic mode huh? (If you made a speech, you should do it right… the phrase “righteous path” is all wasted.. where is it now? Panic mode now?),” he asked.

Emmanuel Gargar, father of detained scientist Kim Gargar said “DAP ang ina ng PDAF ,sya ang ama! (DAP is the mother of PDAF, and he (Aquino) is the father)”

Kamlon Abrir slammed Aquino’s statement as attempt at damage control. “There is no more damage control. Buking na (It’s been exposed) in street parlance. The people saw the truth in TV. If Napoles is pork scam queen. P-Noy or whoever spoke last night was the king of liars.” (

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