Bayan urges people to continue Cory’s fight vs. Cha-Cha

Aug. 11, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Bayan urged the Filipino people to continue the fight waged by former President Corazon Aquino against charter change.

“Cory’s legacy should continue to unite US all for our Constitution and for aspirations of genuine freedom and democracy,” Bayan-Southern Mindanao spokesperson John Birondo said.

“Former President Aquino was among the ordinary Filipinos who, from the very start, had vigilantly fought against the attempt of the Arroyo administration to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Cory lived her life for us to realize the significance of democracy as she wanted the nation to be truly free,” Birondo cited.

“Cory wanted us to take a stand against corruption and immoralities in the government. Her courage and strength that helped unite the Filipino people against the fascist Marcos regime should remind us of the need to be brave and relentless in the fight against Gloria Arroyo’s fascism, corruption, deceits, and other immoralities,” Birondo added.

“The Filipino people made a good start in opposing Gloria Arroyo’s charter change. Our task now is to be more active in ensuring that Gloria Arroyo and her cabals in the House of Congress will be completely denied of their sinister plan to pursue charter change,” Birondo said.

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