BIFF confirms it has forces fighting with ISIS in Middle East

Nov. 20, 2014

DAVAO CITY – The Bangsamoro Freedom Fighter (BIFF) confirmed on Wednesday that some of its guerrillas were in the Middle East fighting alongside with the extremist Islamic State (ISIS).

“Some of our BIFF forces in the Middle East are in the company already of ISIS,”  Abu Misry Mama, spokesperson of Bangsamoro Freedom Fighter (BIFF) confirmed in a phone interview with DavaoToday.

This developed after an online news portal Daily Mail Online claimed on Tuesday that a Filipino national was identified  to be among the ISIS fighters who took part in the beheading of captured Syrian soldiers.

Mama, however, was quick not to claim the Filipino national in the supposed beheading video. ”I couldn’t confirm if that man is one of our forces. I don’t have the masterlist yet,” says Mama.

Earlier in October, the Bangsamoro Freedom Fighter (BIFF) had pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS).

Mama explained that their allegiance with the Islamic State is a gesture of “special brotherhood (because) ISIS seeks to establish a global Muslim leadership through Islamic caliphate and to designate a caliph for the state of the Muslims.”

“BIFF is duty-bound to fight with ISIS because of special Muslim brotherhood. Our call for an independent and pure Islamic State in Mindanao is consistent with the goals of ISIS,” Mama said

Mama expressed readiness to augment its forces in the Middle East. “We are ready to send them our forces in case they need our help,” Mama added.

Meanwhile, in a story, Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc was quoted as saying: “The authenticity of the video couldn’t be ascertained. The law enforcement agencies must be consulted.

Cabunoc maintained that ISIS recruitment in the country is yet to be confirmed by authorities. (

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