Davao police probing how wanted Abu Sayyaf leader entered city

Aug. 14, 2020

Abduljihad Susukan (Photo Courtesy of Davao City Police Office)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Davao City Police still has to verify how the terrorist Abu Sayyaf leader Andjulhiad ‘Edang’ Susukan entered Davao City undetected despite border patrols and quarantine protocols.

Susukan reportedly entered Davao City on Monday through Nur Misuari, founding chair of the Moro National Liberation Front, and stayed in his residence in Barangay Maa. Information was spread later on Facebook that led the DCPO to action by arresting him.

Colonel Kirby Kraft, Davao City Police Director, admitted they only knew of the presence of Susukan in the city through reports on social media.

Kraft said they are now investigating how the top leader of the terrorist group gained access to leave Sulu and arrived in the city, as Davao has opened up travel in and out of the city under the modified general quarantine.

“We are still investigating it now. We are looking for (a possibility of) the use of a different name,” said Kraft in a phone interview with Davao Today.

But Kraft’s statement contradicts Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio’s statement during her radio program on Friday saying that authorities already knew of Susukan’s entry.

“We already knew that he is coming. So the law enforcement groups already knew that he is going to Davao City. In fact, the one who told us was (the person from) where they came from,” she said.

A press statement from Philippine National Police Chief General Archie Gamboa, released by the Davao City Information office, said Davao City Police and Misuari were able to negotiate for the suspect’s surrender.

“Police officers initiated the negotiation after finding out that Susukan was brought to Davao City to seek medical attention,” the statement said. “We thank Chairman Nur Misuari for facilitating the negotiation between the PNP, headed by PCol Kirby John Kraft, Davao City Police Director, and Edang Susukan,” Gamboa said.

The intelligence report cited that Susukan sought medical assistance with Misuari to fit a prosthetic to his left arm.

Susukan is wanted for his cross-border kidnapping and criminal activities on both the east coast of Sabah and Jolo, Sulu. He is charged with 23 counts of murder, ten counts of kidnapping and serious illegal detention, and six counts of frustrated murder.

Davao Today tried to interview a local leader of the MNLF for details of the surrender but the schedule was not able to push through. (davaotoday.com)

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