Davao police to create response unit to curb cybercrimes

Mar. 04, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Authorities are looking forward to the creation of the Davao City Cybercrime Response Team (DCCRT) to curb cybercrimes in the city.

“It will be a very big help to us. We are expecting that with our initiative, we can fully inform the public on cybercrime matters,” said Col. Espinoza, Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Regional Director.

Espinoza added DCPO needs to establish its own cybercrime response unit to handle the increasing number of cybercrime cases in the city due to its massive awareness campaign.

“Because of the effort to campaign about cybercrimes, people are now conscious to report cases they experienced,” he noted.

DCCRT has six personnel stationed in DCPO. However, Espinoza said this number is not enough to handle the cases they currently have.

The Regional Anti-Cyber Crime Unit 11 has already identified the police personnel who will compose the cybercrime response team of the city and who are undergoing an eight-week training to enhance their capacity for cybercrime-related cases.

Meanwhile, in the city council, Councilor Richlyn “Che-Che” Justol-Baguilod, who chairs the committee on women, children, and family relations, said she is now planning to amend the Women’s Code of Davao and incorporate some provisions on the protection of women and children against cybercrime cases.

Justol told media on Wednesday that there should be an added legislation in the protection of women and children against cyber-bullying and related crimes in the advent of social media.

“One of the topics during one of my committee hearings for safe spaces for women and children is the cybercrime issue, so we are now coordinating with PNP and we are trying to work out what other ways to campaign in the protection of our women and children in Davao,” Justol said.

Once established, Davao City will the first in Region 11 to have a response team for cybercrime cases. (davaotoday.com)

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