Davao Youths Demand Extension of Voters’ Registration

Jan. 25, 2007

DAVAO CITY — With the upcoming 2007 elections, the region’s youth and students are asking the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to extend the voters’ registration in order to give more young Filipinos to vote and “safeguard their democratic rights.”

According to Kabataan Party’s Southern Mindanao Region, around half the voting population is comprised of youth voters aging from 18 to 30 years old. These include out-of-school youth, students, and young professionals. “This figure apparently indicates the decisive role of the youth sector in this year’s election,” Karla Hyasmind Apat said.

The group deems the COMELEC accountable for the low number of youth voters. According to Apat there is a lack of information dissemination campaign for the voters to register.

Apat, vice-president for Mindanao of Kabataan Party, explained that “given the current situation that there are a significant number of unregistered youth voters especially in Davao City, it is but just for the COMELEC to heed our call in this campaign.” The group wants a special registration be carried out for all especially youth voters.

“How could the youth perform its historical role in nation building when they cannot even choose the right leaders for the country, leaders who believe and are one with us in our issues?” Apat said.

Among these issues is the perennial problem of the rising cost of education. Apat explained that the commercialization of education is rapidly intensifying that even the students from state colleges and universities are dropping out due to the high cost of education.

“This is just but one of our issues. But we need our voices to be heard, not only in the streets and in our schools but even in the legislative arena, and we need it now,” Apat said. (pr)

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