Digong urges Cebuanos to support Sara in 2028 in rally

Feb. 28, 2024
Former president Rodrigo Duterte during a ‘prayer pally’ against Charter Change in Davao City on January 28, 2024. (Screenshot from Rody Duterte Facebook livestream)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Dutertes, bannering the Hakbang ng Maisug (Step of the Brave) held its second rally opposing the people’s initiative on charter change this time in Cebu last February 25.

The rally, held at the South Road Properties, drew 30,000 people, according to a report from Freeman Cebu quoting the Cebu Coalition for Transparency, Accountability, Peace and Security. The rally lasted seven hours despite the rain which ended at midnight.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte, who was the last speaker just like in the rally in Davao, spoke for over an hour and ended with an appeal to support his daughter and Vice President Sara Duterte in 2028.

“Kon muabot man ang panahon ug mutugot ang Ginoo, ang akong anak, kinsa man sa ila, pero tan-aw nako si Inday (Sara), ug naa siya’y ambisyon ug unsang posisyon nga nasyonal, suportahi lang ninyo. Basin baya. 

Bisaya man gihapon na. Kaliwat gihapog Cebu (When the time comes, if God allows it, my child, whoever it is, but most probably it’s Inday [Sara], and she has ambitions for a national position, support her. Who knows, she is also a Bisaya, she has Bisaya roots.) 

His statement runs counter to Sara’s early declaration that she will seek a return to Davao City politics as her brothers, who are currently in position as mayor and congressman have expressed to step down from politics over the bickering with the Marcos administration.

Cebu gathered huge votes for Marcos Jr and Sara Duterte Uniteam in the 2022 elections and was supported by local political stalwarts including Governor Gwen Garcia and Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.

But this time, Rama spoke in the rally, saying the SRP was the same venue of the Uniteam campaign in 2022, but now they have gathered for a different reason.

“That’s why, Marcos, Duterte, do your job…Marcos, Duterte, do your job because when we can see things are not going well, it will always be the people complaining,” Rama said.

Duterte’s son and Davao City Mayor Sebastian ‘Baste’ spoke in the rally, criticizing House Speaker Martin Romualdez as “isog” (brave) because of his relationship with his cousin, President Bongbong Marcos.

During the Davao event of Hakbang ng Maisug in January, Baste lambasted Marcos Jr. as “lazy” and urged him to resign.

The event, which was announced as a prayer rally similar to Davao to oppose the House-led people’s initiative, was filled with expletives from the Dutertes and included a dance routine from popular game show host Wille Revillame, who is reportedly running for the Senate in 2025.

Former President Duterte changed his stand on charter change, this time saying he is open to changing the Constitution, but not on term limits. He again warned Marcos Jr. that he may face an ouster similar to his late father in 1986 if his administration pursues such plans.

Okay ko basta dili mopabor sa galingkod karon ug sa sunod nga election. Ayaw pag usaba ang Constitution para mopabar kanimo (I’m okay as long as it doesn’t favor the current officials or for the coming elections. Don’t change the Constitution to work for your favor),” Duterte said saying Marcos Jr. should stick to one term as president.

The Hakbang ng Maisug was launched a month ago with former allies of the president but has not laid down definite plans for the next few months.

Their rally was staged on February 25, the 38th anniversary of EDSA People Power which ousted the late President and dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. who cheated in the 1986 snap elections against Cory Aquino.

Earlier that day, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Central Visayas chapter led 300 activists in a march rally as they oppose charter change plans by Congress, which they say will threaten economic sovereignty and prolong the rule of political elites. (davaotoday.com)

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