Duterte makes the Left an ‘alibi’ for his failure, says labor group

Apr. 17, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) has criticized President Rodrigo Duterte over his recent speech blaming the Left as the obstacle for implementing the National ID System (NIDS).

“The president is blaming the absence of a national ID system for its failure to fully and fairly distribute the promised cash subsidies to poor families,” said KMU Chairperson Elmer Labog.

Labog added Duterte has blamed the people for believing progressive groups and also blamed local officials for not following national guidelines. “He blames everyone except himself,” he said.

President Duterte, during his televised weekly report for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 crisis blamed leftist groups for opposing the implementation of NIDS.

“Yung National ID makatulong, ang problema dito ang proponent na ayaw itong mga Left. Kaya kita mo ngayon wala tayong ID system until now,(The National ID could help, the problem is the Left going against it. That is why there is no ID system until now)” he said.

Duterte said his government could have prevented the problem of the distribution of goods if the Left did not block the NIDS.

“Wag kayo magturo sa gobyerno, kasi ginawa namin nuon pa gusto namin may ID, naniwala naman kayo sa Left, mga komunista, sige doon kayo maniwala,(Do not teach the government, because we’ve done it; we wanted the ID long before, you believe in the Left, communists, you believe in them then)” he said.

But KMU said Duterte’s report is “full of alibis for its own failure”, as its government allegedly failed in providing emergency relief, protecting medical frontliners, ensuring financial resources, and formulating a recovery plan.

“Filipino workers and the rest of the people are promised support, but only suffered greater hardships,” Labog said.

KMU said that medical frontliners are still at risk, noting Duterte’s report that the number of cases already crossed the 4,000 marks, while public hospitals, including converted quarantine centers, only have 3,194 beds. It added that less than 25,000 individuals have been tested and only 900,000 tests are projected for the next three months.

“Most shocking of all is Duterte’s proposed solution of borrowing more loans and selling off public properties. In short, the people are to be burdened with more onerous loans and harming public interest with the sale of the country’s remaining assets. This is plain treachery and only favors foreign banks and corporations,” Labog said. (davaotoday.com)

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