Groups in Cagayan de Oro urge Duterte to run for VP in 2022

Mar. 26, 2021

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines – Echoing on the call of the political party PDP-Laban and other groups in the capital that have urged President Rodrigo Duterte to seek election for Vice President in the National elections next year, a group gathered here to express their support for the move.

Elvira Go, convener of the VP Digong 2022, said they wanted Duterte to be elected to the second-highest political office in the country so he could continue his programs and policies, particularly on his anti-drug campaign.

She said since Duterte is not qualified for re-election as President, it would be better for him to run as Vice President.

“Our goal is ‘tuloy ang pagbabago,’’ said Go referring to the reforms the Duterte administration initiated especially in ridding the government of corrupt officials.

She said they are advocating for Duterte’s continuity in public service so he could continue what he has started.

“At least we have seen improvements within his six-year term being the President,” said Go during the press conference held on March 26.

She underscored that the group is intended to persuade Duterte to run for Vice President because possible bets for the Presidential post still remain unknown.

“We’ll see who will run for President when the right time comes,” she said.

The group said a caravan is set today, March 28, to celebrate Duterte’s 76th birthday. This, she said, is the concrete act of manifesting their support to Mr. Duterte.

The groups behind the VP Digong 2022 are the Orig Roa Clan, Duterte Clan, Outkast, Go Bong Go Movement, PRRD Coalition, Iligan Group, Navarra Nation Eagles PH, S&R, Daltans Riders Groups, Dagan Day Sara, One Criminology Philippines, One CDO – UPDG, Friends of Rodrigo Duterte (FORD), Triskelions Grand Fraternity/Tau Gamma Phi, Sara Truckers, Braveheart Dragonboat Team, Alpha Kappa Rho, Mayor Sara Duterte Alliance (MSDA), Structural Alternative Legal Assistance Group (SALAG), and Kahugpungan Federal Movement.

They said Duterte could be the most suited to become the next Vice President of the Philippines once his term ends in 2022, ‘’because of his excellent presidential track record.’’(

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