Ka Parago dismisses TF Rebelyn as part of GMA’s cover-up scheme

Apr. 20, 2009

Today we are remembering Rebelyn on the 40th day of her violent death. We grieve her passing and are united in fighting for justice for a beloved daughter, friend and teacher. With the same purpose, we are also fighting for justice for all victims of state terrorism under Gloria Arrroyo.

The past few weeks after the violent incident, the state has engaged in a deceptive campaign in an attempt to assuage the people’s outrage on the savage murder of Rebelyn. Task Force Rebelyn is insignificant and not worth the people’s while. Its sole purpose is to do the bidding of the criminal Arroyo regime. It has only proven the public perception that it was hastily set up to instantly absolve the criminal agents of the 10th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command-Armed Forces of the Philippines (ID-EastMinCom-AFP) for masterminding and executing Rebelyn’s abduction, torture, rape and murder.

The zarzuela of the 10th ID-EastMinCom-AFP during the Commission on Human Rights public hearing and the lies it has propagated related to Rebelyn’s death are just the tip of the rottenness of the AFP organization. The duplicity and criminal deeds of Arroyo’s running dogs has long been exposed here in Southern Mindanao.

It comes as no surprise that the rotten state is not on the people’s side but on the executioners, the killers, the minions of the 10th ID-EastMinCom-AFP. The people have long despised Gloria Arroyo, the mastermind of the killings, the chief implementor of the counter-revolutionary Oplan Bantay Laya (Operational Plan Freedom Guard), and the main representative of the rotten social system. Arroyo’s criminal regime and its running dogs are extremely isolated from the people.

The people have known that genuine justice will never be served under the rotten government of Gloria Arroyo – under the government of fascists and reactionaries. The people have known that genuine justice can only be achieved thru revolutionary struggle.

The revolutionary legal and judicial processes of the people’s government, the continued strengthening of the people’s revolutionary government in the countrysides and the tactical offensives of the New People’s Army strongly serve the people’s interest and the interest of genuine justice.

(Sgd) Ka Parago
1st Pulang Bagani Company
Merardo Arce Command Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command
New People’s Army

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