Laban, Bawi. VP Sara deletes EDSA statement, here’s why

Feb. 29, 2024
Photo from Inday Sara Duterte Facebook page

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte posted a statement on her Facebook page commemorating the 38th EDSA People Power anniversary Sunday that was deleted hours later.

Two days later, on Tuesday, Duterte explained she had to delete the post to remain consistent. Because of this, I removed the Edsa anniversary post from my social media page,” Duterte said in a statement.

Vice President Sara Duterte’s now-deleted statement on the 38th anniversary of the first Edsa People Power Revolution.

Since her assumption as vice president, Duterte has not posted a statement during the EDSA anniversary, a historic moment in the nation where millions marched on EDSA to protest vote rigging in the 1986 snap elections which led to the ouster of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr from his 20-year rule. 

But now, with Marcos’ son Ferdinand Jr as president, EDSA has not been declared a holiday unlike in the past.

Duterte also mentioned that she deleted her post to maintain her consistent stand about EDSA.

“What I said in 2017 regarding the February 25 EDSA anniversary has never changed. My position remains the same today,” she said.

Sara Duterte’s previous Facebook account had been deleted in 2019, but netizens re-posted her statement where she casts doubt on the relevance of the event.

“I find it hard to understand why this bloodless revolution has become the standard definition of freedom for our country and this standard is forced down our throats by a certain group of individuals who think they are better than anyone else,” she posted this on her old Facebook account.

But in that same year, Duterte was quoted by newspapers remembering EDSA 1986 as a very important moment, when her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, woke her and the family that night and went to the streets.

“I have a memory of myself standing on the stairs of the San Pedro church bell tower, listening to the incessant ringing of the bells. I did not understand what was happening, but I surmised that it must be something very important because my father had to get me out of bed to watch cheering and partying adults on the streets,” she was quoted saying.

After EDSA People Power, Rodrigo Duterte was appointed OIC Vice Mayor of Davao City, and eventually was elected mayor in 1988, which bolstered his political rise up to the presidency in 2016. The Dutertes campaigned for the presidency of Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III in 2010.

The deleted statement of Duterte urged Filipinos to “remember the lessons of EDSA – the power of unity, the strength of the Filipino spirit, and the importance of standing up for what is right.”

“On this day, we commemorate the brave souls who stood united on the streets of EDSA, fighting for democracy and freedom. Their courage and determination paved the way for a better Philippines, and their sacrifices will never be forgotten,” she said.

A staff from the Office of the Vice President was quoted by Rappler that this post was removed because it was not approved by Duterte.

“There was a system error in the social media team,” the Rappler quoted the message

Because of these posts, netizens have criticized and poked fun at Sara Duterte’s flip-flopping statements.

“Imagine, Education secretary ka pero you are going against corroborated history and official textbooks,” a netizen reacted on social media.

“Nahihirapan na talaga sila pumuwesto ng saloobin. Unity pa rin ba (They are really having a hard time to make known their stand. Is it still about unity)?,” former Ifugao governor and Congressman Teddy Baguilat said on his Twitter/X account. (

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