Militant youth storm Nogie office, condemn speaker for railroading cha-cha

Jun. 17, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Anakbayan and other youth organizations stormed the office of House speaker Prospero Nograles in condemnation of him leading the railroading of House Resolution (HR) 1109 in Congress to push for charter change.

Anakbayan said they were outraged over the selfish move of Nograles favouring the greedy interest of the Arroyo administration. The militant group said that the desperation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her allies was clear in the rushed voting to convene a Constitutional assembly for the purpose of amending the constitution because the 2010 election is drawing near.

“It is very obvious that this move aims to permit the extension of Arroyos term. It is such a shame how greedy they are, neglecting the majority left unattended,” said Rose Gonzales of the Anakbayan.

The protest in front of Nograles’ office on Quirino Street began with a noise barrage at 10 o’clock in the morning.

The event also portrayed President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and House speaker Prospero Nograles as pet pigs of imperialist America. The push for charter change paves the way for the economic interest of foreign capitalists in the Philippines, specifically their full ownership of lands, natural resources, utilities, and educational institutions in the country.

Kim Siega, a member of the Gabriela Youth, said the parody is to show that congressman Nograles is a traitor to Davaoenos and the Filipino people. “He betrayed us by serving being a puppet of the Arroyo regime.”

“It is as if that Philippines is being sold out in exchange for the benefit of the few. If this happens, life, especially among the youth, will even be harder. Education will get more expensive. So, there seems to be an impossible chance among us to go to school,” Gonzales added.

Vicente Penas of the Kahugpungan sa Kabatan-onang Kabus sa Dabaw (Kabaka) said their group has cried for prioritization of education but the administration seems to have puts this at the least of their concerns. “We don’t need cha-cha. We need affordable and quality education,” Penas put in.

Anakbayan and other youth organizations said they will join other sectors in the next actions to strengthen the call against Cha-Cha.

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