KMU taunts Nograleses for being crybabies, calls for massive participation in anti-Con-ass protest actions

Jun. 17, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Kilusang Mayo Uno – Southern Mindanao expressed disgust over insinuations of lawyer Karlo Nograles, son and chief of staff of House speaker Prospero, that his father is being persecuted due to his sponsorship of House Resolution (HR) 1109.

“Who is being persecuted? As far as we are concerned, the House speaker is the one persecuting the people and not the other way around. If he has received comments against his office and his person, we believe that he truly deserves it. After all what he has done, it is quite amusing that they are projecting themselves as underdogs. What he has done is a travesty of justice. They should not act like crybabies. He, together with all the other Arroyo lapdogs misrepresented their respective constituencies to further perpetuate the fascist President in power and that is downright unacceptable,” KMU-SMR spokesperson Armand Blase said.

In a television interview, the younger Nograles said that those criticizing his father do not know the content of HR 1109. According to Karlo, this is the reason for the outrage.

“We are not that ignorant. Other than the fact that it is part of their grand scheme to extend their terms of office, HR 1109 proposes to sell whatever that is left of the country’s sovereignty and patrimony. They are going to tinker with the economic provisions to take away whatever protection which will safeguard the country from further economic destitution,” Blase said.

“The anger and the wrath of the people, especially the Davaoenos, should be focussed on speaker Nograles for his attempt to take them for a ride to hell. We call on all peace-loving, patriotic Filipinos to go out into the streets and participate in anti-con ass protects actions,” the labor leader concluded.

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Klusang Mayo Uno – Southern Mindanao
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