18 January 2007 state of the AFP:

Death of a Terrorist

Abu Solaiman, a notorious Abu Sayaff leader who holds a $5M bounty on his head, who was reported wounded from an encounter with military troops in Talipao, Sulu is now confirmed dead. (source: PDI, Daily Tribune, Philippine Star, Malaya, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Manila Standard and Police Metro)

The crossing-out of AFP Chief of Staff Gen H Esperon of Abu Solaimans photo in the wanted poster-list is a substantial moment for the AFP. It marks a milestone on their counter-terrorism operations. Their successful and effectual defense of our national security is commendable.

One terrorist down, one diminished threat. The killing of Solaiman is certainly a great loss to the terrorist group, but the job is not done yet. Other members of ASG, JI and other lawless elements continue to pose threats, especially with the terrorists tendency to retaliate; thats why sustained vigilance is required from everyone.

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