Smith Transfer ‘Another Meiring’?

Dec. 30, 2006

December 30, 2006

Reference: Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA Secretary General 09173221203, 3712302

On transfer of Smith custody:

The militant womens group GABRIELA cries TREACHERY! over the underhanded transfer of convicted rapist US Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith from the Makati City Jail to the US Embassy last night at about 11 p.m. Friday on orders of the Philippine government.

GABRIELA staged a picket-protest today in front of the US Embassy to show their outrage over the said move and called for the Philippine and US officials to surface the criminal.

Like thieves in the night, the Arroyo administration and its cohorts from the foreign affairs and justice departments as well as the Filipino lawyers for Smith have again done this cunning move, said Emmi de Jesus, secretary general of GABRIELA.

They have staunchly defended the rapist and the VFA as protector of the rapist, and now they have gone this far to show their servitude to United States by allowing the escape of a criminal. Shame on these protectors of criminals! We will hold them criminally liable for their betrayal of the peoples trust, this rape of our nations sovereignty!

GABRIELA also hit the Balikatan military exercises as US governments bribe to Philippine government for Smiths transfer of custody.

In the first place, the Filipino people have for long been demanding for the halt of these exercises, which are not only economically detrimental to the Filipino people but has also resulted to social costs including rape of our women. This U.S. aid has only brought violence against the majority of the people and clearly serves the interests of the puppet Arroyo regime, adds de Jesus.

GABRIELA maintains its demand that U.S. troops be kicked out of the Philippine archipelago and that Balikatan be halted. We dont need these Yankees to fight their so-called terrorists; the real terrorists are in Malacanang and in its executive departments.

This latest travesty of justice only fuels the womens wrath against the Arroyo regime and further strengthens the peoples movement to oust Arroyo, the number one US puppet. ###

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