Military Admits ‘Vigorous’ Campaign Vs Partylist Groups in Mindanao, Elsewhere

May. 11, 2007

Red-Baiting. Residents in the Caraga region were greeted today with scenes like the one above in Butuan City, where the posters and campaign materials of progressive partylist groups like AnakPawis were spraypainted with such words as “CPP-NPA” and “NPA.” (Contributed photos)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command (EastMinCom), General Rodolfo Obaniana, clarified today in a press statement that his command did not campaign for any particular candidate, especially for administration bets.

Instead, he admitted that he and his unit have been vigorously campaigning against partylist organizations that, according to him, support the communist New Peoples Army (NPA).

Obaniana described these partylist groups as “regressive political organizations who are obvious front of the NPAs and are milking the government of taxpayers money to fund terrorist activities.”

These groups, he said, have contributed millions to the coffers of the NPAs and will continue to do so unless something will be done.

While the military has long accused these groups of these alleged deeds, the military has never filed any charges against them and none of these groups have been disqualified by the Comelec or the courts.

Obaniana admitted that it is his “personal crusade” to dissuade people from supporting these political organizations.

He claims that the military would soon expose the groups “hidden agenda, their anti-church and anti-family face”

Even as he said this, Obaniana gave the assurance that soldiers would be vigilant and impartial during the elections. (PIA XI Dispatch/Mai Gevera)

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