Partnership to open more opportunities for drug reformists in Davao City

May. 21, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Local drug reformists in the city now eye opportunities for additional support with the recent engagement made by the Davao City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) to other stakeholders, particularly with a government agency and a private company.

Ronaldo Rivera, program director of Tabangan Atong Reformist Aron Naa’y Asenso (Tara Na!) of CADAC told reporters on Monday that they are pushing for partnership with the Davao Thermo Biotech Corporation, a composting plant with ultra-modern biotechnology that utilizes hyperthermophilic aerobic bacteria to biodegrade the waste.

Rivera said the partnership is aimed to curve down the garbage problem in Davao City and at the same time provide organic fertilizer to the “Gulayan ng Barangay” program for drug reformists.

The move, he added, would be of great help to the rehabilitation program of the government through the increase of production of gardening projects of drug reformists in the city.

“With this kind of program, it will resolve the problem of waste and will also provide a livelihood to our reformist,” said Rivera.

He also told reporters that the Davao Thermo Biotech made commitments to process collected biodegradable wastes free of charge within the first three months of partnership with CADAC and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Rivera said the DSWD also committed to allocate Php300,000 loan assistance for the sustainable livelihood projects of drug reformists under the rehabilitation program of the government.

CADAC now eyes barangays Leon Garcia Sr. and Toril Proper as the two flagship areas for the project in Davao City.

“The chairman of Toril proper reformist is an animal butcher from the slaughterhouse and has already agreed to partner with Davao Thermo Biotech Corp. in their waste disposal. Our reformists in Leon Garcia are also concerned about their waste disposal and on how they can help clean the coastal area. We see this as an opportunity for them to contribute good deeds in the society,” Rivera said.

In a separate interview, Ian Dugaduga, the vice president of drug reformist group in Barangay Leon Garcia said they see the partnership as an opportunity in proving that can help the society.

Dugaduga, who has been into shabu use since he was 17-years-old said they now have the chance to prove their relevance to their community with the new program.

“In Leon Garcia, there are lots of drug reformists who need help and I see this as a big chance,” Dugaduga said.

He added there are more or less 100 drug reformists from his area who are currently under the monitoring of CADAC. (

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