Satur hails SC ruling vs. Palace initiative

Oct. 25, 2006

October 25, 2006

Satur hails SC ruling vs. Palace initiative

House Deputy Minority Leader Satur C. Ocampo today hailed as a
“triumph of the people, and the fifth defeat for the Palace” the
reported Supreme Court vote of 8-7 striking down the fake “people’s
initiative” petition of supporters of President Arroyo.

Ocampo likewise advised Charter Change proponents to throw in the
towel and stop any new moves to revise the Constitution, especially
the plot to convene Congress into a constituent assembly.

“We join the Filipino people in hailing the High Court’s vote to
strike down the latest illegal and unconstitutional project of
President Arroyo — the sham people’s initiative,” said Ocampo,
through text messages from London on the last day of his three-country
tour against the administration’s campaign of political persecution.

“It is the nail on the coffin on Mrs. Arroyo’s plot to prolong her
illegitimate hold on power through Charter change,” said Ocampo.

Ocampo also said that “pro-Arroyo forces must throw in the towel now
and desist from pursuing the plot to mount a brazenly unconstitutional
constituent assembly in complete disregard of the Senate.”

“Speaker Jose de Venecia and his ilk should stop daydreaming and
desist from committing any patently unconstitutional act to revise the
constitution to suit Mrs. Arroyo’s and his own selfish ambitions,”
said Ocampo. ###

Reference: Tonyo Cruz, 0917-8928277

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