Soldiers not allowed to encamp in populated centers – Duterte

Feb. 22, 2014

DAVAO CITY – In a dialogue between Army officials and residents of Compostela Valley he himself facilitated, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that it is “illegal” for the Army troops to “encamp” in civilian communities.

“We don’t have any question, it is clear to everybody that military encampment in a community is prohibited,” Duterte said

Duterte heard both the sides of Hugpong sa mga Mag-uuma sa Walog Kompostela (Humawak) and the officials of the 10th Infantry Division Philippine Army during the dialogue.

“Since 28 January up to this moment, this exact moment, I can attest that there are still military forces camping in our community, 7 houses are occupied including mine” Christina Lantao said.

Lantao, a community member of Purok 4, Compostela said that “it hurts when you (military) accused us of lying given that my house is occupied by your forces”

Last January 28, Children’s Rehabilitation Center Advocacy Officer Rius Valle went to the Purok 4, Compostela where he confirmed soldiers inside the school. Valle showed the footages on the dialogue.

But for 10th ID Commading Officer Col. Ariel Bernardo, “we cannot say that military forces are ‘not allowed in your community’”

He clarified that what is not allowed is when the military troops are camping on the community.

“If our troops have lapses, this is the purpose of having dialogue, to correct things,” he added

Duterte assured the Humawak members that he will notify Compostela Valley Governor Uy on the matter.

The mayor also said to the body “that as the presiding officer, what I can do is conduct investigation, it could be with the (Commission on) Human Rights or the Fiscal.”

Duterte told local leaders that “if the military forces will leave the community, you return there.”

“And I will see to it na ing-ana ang sitwasyon na (the situation will like that) they will really go out of the community, kay bawal gyud na (for it is illegal),” He assured (

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