The Kidnapping of Satur Ocampo

Mar. 21, 2007

In the Dead of Night. The government’s (man)handling of Satur Ocampo has turned the leftist congressman into a cause celebre. (Left photo by Dabet Castaneda/; right photo by Kenneth Guda/

The Arroyo government’s handling of the case of Bayan Muna congressman Satur Ocampo has backfired. That’s according to the many commentary and opinion pieces that have been written since Ocampo was arrested, shoved into a van and then into a Leyte-bound plane while Filipinos were asleep.

Who is Satur Ocampo and why is the Arroyo regime hellbent on throwing him behind bars?

Check out this profile published in the Bayan Muna website, as well as information on him in the Congress website. This story in the International Herald Tribune is also instructive, as well as this piece in

Below are a sampling of the reactions in the Philippine press:

Editorial: The Ocampo blunder
Editorial: Gestapo (Philippine Daily Inquirer)
Editorial: Comedy of Errors (Philippine Star)
Analysis: The kidnapping of Ocampo (Amando Doronila)
At Large : An iconic photo (Rina Jimenez-David)
There’s The Rub : Were back to martial law (Conrado De Quiros)
Windfall for Satur (Ana Marie Pamintuan)
A Better Man (Ellen Tordesillas)
Arrogance of power (Ernesto Maceda)

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