OF LATE, Malacañang people close to President Aquino have alternately articulated the argument that the President’s use of his Pork Barrel can be ably defended in whatever item or part that may be questioned.  Which is the same as saying that the DAP, as far as President Aquino is the one handling it, cannot be questioned.  That all transactions related to the DAP is legal or within the bounds of the law; that there is a good and overriding reason for its maintenance as a system.  That it would buttress the Aquino administration’s program to pursue the “matuwid na daan”.

Hence, President Noynoy’s unrelenting position that it should not be abolished.

Bisag unsaon, dili gyud wagtangon sa Presidente ang iyang Pork Barrel or DAP kay, sumala pa sa iyang mga tigpamaba, usa kini ka mahinungdanong kahimanan nga mapasutoy ni Noynoy ang pagpakigharong sa korapsiyon sa gobyerno. 

[No matter what, the President will never abolish his Pork Barrel or DAP because, as his bagpipes constantly argue, this is one valuable instrument whereby Noynoy can come to terms with corruption in government.]

And this seemingly absolute confidence on the part of the Chief Executive on the soundness of the DAP system is, according to them, defensible whenever and wherever it shall be put to the crucible of scrutiny and investigation.

Fine.  Every person in government, whenever they are questioned as to the morality or legality of his/her actions or actuations  invariably reasons out that the actions or actuations are justifiable and can be defended in the bar of public opinion or in any investigative body, including the courts.  High government officials never run short of justifications and rationalizations . . . until when cornered to the brink of uncontrollable scandal, they invariably ask for hospital arrest.  . . their heads hanging low in a wheelchair.  [Haha.]

And who would harbor doubts that anybody up there among the high and the mighty can harness all instruments and resources for its defense?  Yes, the angels in heaven can even be mobilized to provide the needed rationalizations!  Who would not be capable of putting up defensive barricades of someone’s position– knowing that that someone does not only repose on the mantle of power but also hold the tremendous influence of the very resource under question!

Sud-onga!  Kun sayon ra kaayong itunol ang minilyon nga salapi ngadto sa pinalabing mga magbabalaod para konohay sa pagpasutoy sa mga proyekto, pero  giduhaduhaang suhol para mobotar pag-impeach si Chief Justice Corona, unsay garantiya nga dili pud kana himoon pagpanuhol aron masanta o masuhong  ang bisan unsang imbestigasyon kalabot niining DAP?

[Look!  If large sums (amounting to millions) can just be gallantly given to select legislators under the guise of funding acceleration projects, but believed to be bribes in order that the recipient legislators would vote to impeach Chief Justice Corona, what guaranty do we have that the same DAP money shall not be used as bribe money in order that investigations relating to the DAP itself shall be quashed or defeated?]

A system that depends on the discretion of  a politician– the President or a Senator or a Congressman — to disburse funds according to his best judgment is a rotten system!   The “best judgment” will always be what is best for his political career or interest as a politician, not as a statesman!  And the interests of a politician are always replete with  manipulative wily schemes.

If Noynoy wants to be remembered as a statesman rather than as a politician, his best judgment would be to grant the outstanding demand of the people.  Which is: to abolish the DAP or the presidential pork barrel system.  This is his most formidable defense against any probe or query relating to the legality or morality of the DAP. This is his best defense! Not any sophistic arguments that invents all sorts of justifications and rationalizations that are only meant to addle the minds of our people.

As the militant protesters cried it to the heavens: Abolish na yan!  Pork Barrel na yan!

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