In Bukidnon, police urge women to file charges vs alleged serial rapist

Oct. 11, 2019

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines – Police authorities in Bukidnon Friday call on women who may have been rape victims, to come forward and take legal action against a young man who is now facing multiple charges for robbery, rape, and frustrated homicide in Bukidnon.

Lt. Col. Surki Sereñas, Valencia City Police Chief, said they arrested Ryan Sumon-ay, 28, a resident of Maramag town, when he didn’t slow down during a checkpoint at Sayre Highway along the Valencia-Maramag boundary, a few hours after allegedly victimizing a woman.

Sumon-ay was on board a motorcycle when he was flagged down by authorities for speeding.

“The suspect just went past the checkpoint and sped off, that’s why we were able to catch him,” Sereñas said.

Upon apprehension, the police learned he is the suspect in a series of rape incidents as well as the alleged perpetrator in a number of criminal activities in Bukidnon.

Sereñas said the suspect tried to escape on Wednesday (Oct. 8) after he allegedly robbed and raped “Rica” (not her real name) in Valencia the same night.

He said Sumon-ay just recently bailed out of prison for frustrated homicide prior to allegedly raping “Rica.”

“[Sumon-ay] was identified by Rica as the one who robbed and raped her,” Sereñas said, adding the victim has already filed a case in court against the suspect Thursday.

In Malaybalay City, the suspect also has a pending warrant of arrest for another frustrated homicide case.

Sereñas said another woman, “Katrina” (not her real name), pointed to Sumon-ay as the one who sexually abused, robbed, and almost killed her in Quezon town last month.

“Several healed lacerations are still visible on Katrina’s throat; a stark reminder of her grim struggle from the hands of the suspect,” the police chief said.

A third female from Maramag town, “Rebecca” (not her real name), also claimed she was raped by the same suspect weeks ago.

Sereñas said both “Katrina” and “Rebecca” were able to identify Sumon-ay after they heard the news of his arrest over the radio.

“This is beginning to look like we’ve got a serial rapist here,” he said.

The suspect’s modus, he added, was to drive down the streets of Bukidnon to look for victims.

“He acted alone. With his motorcycle, he roamed around until he sees a woman walking alone in a dimly lit street, at night, and then he strikes,” Sereñas said.

He added more victims may have fallen prey to the suspect.

“We are expecting more victims to come forward and hopefully file charges against the suspect in the next few days,” Sereñas. (

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