A prayer for healing and action

Mar. 28, 2020

Promotion of Church Peoples Response – Davao City

Most-Merciful and Ever-Loving God
Listen to the cry and hear the plea of Your people.

As we face this dark moment in our history,
We beg you to shine on us the Light of
Your Hope and Courage.

Protect the most vulnerable among us:
the poor, the daily wage earners,
those living in difficult conditions,
the homeless, the marginalized,
the aged and the abandoned.

Grant the grace of strength to our frontliners:
the doctors, nurses, medical technologists,
healthcare providers, those in the security sector,
and all the workers who sustain us in this
moment of difficulty.
Defend and shield them from all harm.

Never allow us Oh Lord to despair
but transform us so that we may become
channels of Your healing presence
and compassion to others.

Dispel all forms of selfishness and greed among us
Illumine the hearts and minds of those in positions of power and authority
that they may truly work for the common good.

Inspire those who have more in life
to respond to the call to help those who have less
most especially to the most in need.

May these challenging times move us all the more
to work for genuine change in our society,
to put an end to all forms and systems of injustice and
the oppression that continues to disrespect
the dignity of every human person and
of our Common Home.

Allow us to see that You are always with us
even in the darkest moments of our lives.
May the pain and suffering that we experience today
fortify the desire in our hearts to make
Your kingdom truly present among us
where we shall taste the fullness of freedom
justice, peace, and love.


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