DAVAO CITY — A Davao-created internet game is ready to be launched for world-wide use, a Dutch company with operations here said.

The game-maker company with a branch here will launch their two-year game project called “Erectus” this August worldwide.

Mr. Paul Ludwig, CEO of MAATA Games said that the “Erectus” game was entirely created here in Davao together with a “Filipino team of programmers which are very bright and smart people.”

Ludwig said that the “Erectus game is about a clash of Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens about 130,000 years ago”.

Erectus game is an online game and it is currently in closed beta.

Ludwig said that the game will be launched this August starting in Netherlands on August 8 in Dutch language, and three days later, August 11, in English-speaking countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Australia, and on August 15, in German-speaking countries.

“Basically Erectus game will be an export product of Dabawenyos,” he said.

Ludwig said that they chose to establish their branch here in Davao “accidentally because there is an acquaintance of mine from Netherlands who introduced me to Sir Eric Manalastas of BPO Solutions.”

“Our partnership clicked and that’s why we decided to try the game development department here but it could have been Manila or Vietnam.”

Meanwhile, Ludwig said that after the Erectus game, he will now start to collaborate with University of Mindanao (UM) to develop more games.

“Starting today, I will be helping University of Mindanao in i
ts Computer Science Department,” Ludwig said,”in setting up game development and also its curriculum”.

For the game development, he said that he will also help the professors in developing new games and students from Netherlands will be coming here to help in developing games.

“One of the objectives we have their in one year, together with the students from Netherlands and students here in Davao we will work on developing new games,” Ludwig said.

Aside from Erectus game, Ludwig said that they are developing games together with six developers now here.

Ludwig said that you can search for www.erectus.world for information or for those interested to collaborate “in following UM in moving on in their development courses.”

Maata is a Dutch company established in 2013 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Its roots can be found in the combination of marketing and history. Maata’s team is working from two locations: Arnhem, The Netherlands and here. (davaotoday.com)

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