What happened in Malacanang the other night couldn’t have escaped the impressionable mind of my good friend Lito. He commented, “Bai, mura mag naa sa libro sa history tong nahitabo kagabii sa Malacanang?” [Bai, what occurred in Malacanang last night seemed to be in the history books?”]

Certainly, it was a splendid event that highlights a charming relationship between two heads of state. At the centerstage were US President Barrack Obama and Philippine President Benigno Aquino — a master and his pet dog — indeed, one for the books. It will go down in history as a wondrous tale of treason culminated in the glaring lights and sumptuous board of a State dinner.  Let us re-view the puppet show video.


            Behold how Filipino dignitaries and bigwigs, side by side with their western counterparts, hung their tongues in the fashion of a lapdog yearning for the wheedles of its master.

And all the other lapdogs in the annals of Philippine politics were in attendance, prominent was former President “Tabako” Ramos whose military training was obtained from West Point, USA.   The entranced countenance of a presidential sister was a scene stealer.


But most attractive was President Noynoy with his shining pate that matched with the breadth of his adulations and compliments to the American chief executive.

The final accent of the show— while everybody was on his feet was when Noynoy proposed a “Puppet Toast” to a historical friend and ally of the Filipino people.

CLOSE-UP ON: The symbol of honor: The Order of Sikatuna bestowed by President Noynoy on President Barrack Obama.

DISSOLVE TO: President Obama proclaiming the “ironclad” commitment of the US to defend its historical friend and ally. . .then, lifting his goblet, everybody stood up as he proposed a Master’s Toast to the “Two Great nations” (sic!)

We can pardon the US President for his seeming misrepresentation of the Philippines as a great country on par with the USA. In his mind was a Philippine State which across the century has proven to be a “Great Puppet State” to the United States of America! Short of calling Noynoy as “the greatest of Philippine Puppet Presidents”.

The Puppet Show is not yet over. The US President has yet to speak today to the Filipino Servicemen in Fort Bonifacio. This is keeping with the prime purpose of his state visit, namely: to reassure to all and sundry that nothing can stop an imperialist USA to wield its authority and will on its lapdog—the Philippine State. The Enhanced Defense Cooperation, as an agreement between two heads of state, no matter its irregularity, proves the intransigence of US imperialism and its puppet in ramming down the throats of the Filipino people a document that subverts the sovereignty of the Philippine Republic.

The USA’s military intervention is obvious . But it skillfully camouflaged its economic aggression in Asia and the Southeast, especially in the Philippines.   And our own President Noynoy does not hide its naked puppetry to the US, sporting himself as a recalcitrant Filipino leader who disregards the mandate of his political elders—the nationalist Senators led by Senator Jovito Salonga who had driven away with finality the American troops and servicemen from Philippine soil during the incumbency of her mother. By sheer act of political charlatancy he spurned the sovereign will of the Filipino people mandated by Senator Salonga and the rest.

In the next few months, we shall also witness another devilry: changing the Philippine Constitution for the benefit of foreign economic interests.

OMG . . . Unsa na man intawon ning nahitabo sa atong nasod!?

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