I shared this poem which is written in popular verse and entitled Cry of Mindanao on the occasion of a Solidarity Forum attended by Fil-Ams who have come to Mindanao as delegates of a Solidarity Miossion to find out the situation in communities affected by calamities in recent months.

As reported, the delegates found out the stark reality of reglect by the Philippine government in probiding b asic social services to all the areas they have visited.  This and the over-all anti-people policies of the government now headed by President Noynoy Aquino  would inevitably stimulate the imaginative insights of artists– writers and poets alike — to shape into aesthetic structures their perceptions of what unfolds on the ground.  And so, this poem–


                                  Dis is Amerika

Dis is Amerika!

You can speak whats you want.

Der is freedom here in Amerika.

Infact, der is surplus of freedoms

Here in our beloved Amerika.

And so we export freedoms

Thru da barrel of our guns

Thru da blasts of our bombs.


Dis is Amerika.

Don’t mistake dis for another planet.

Four scores and seven centuries ago

Our fathers brought forth upon da universe

A new planet, conceived in Washington,

And dedicated to da proposition

That all men are created unequal

And all da countries shall be grouped into

First, Second and Third Worlds

Or simply into North and South

And Amerika or da U.S. of A,

As da supreme power dat fly

Da bloody star-spangled banner

Is mandated by da long-discarded precept

Of Might is Right to bully and subjugate

All da sovereign nations of da world.


Dis is Amerika,

Da land of milk and honey!

We milk da pipol of Africa,

We milk da pipol of Asia,

We milk da pipol of Latin Amerika.

We drain da breasts of all da mothers

Of all da farmers and all da fisherfolks,

And all da mothers of da working pipols

Of da Third World of da earth

We sip da honey from da forests

And da mountains and da farmlands

Of da toiling masses of da world.

We feed our own pipol, soldiers and beasts

Wid da foods we harvest from other lands.

We are da blessed of da earth.

We are da beloved of da Lord.

Dis is Amerika.

Everything is free here in Amerika.

You can free-trade your goodwill wid our oil

Da price you pay for liberty is liberalization

Da brainaches and heartburns you suffer

Wid incurable graft and corruption

In your public offices and corporations

Can be removed by privatization.

Your foreign debts and yearly deficits

And da imbalances of your trade economics

Can be corrected by drastic devaluation.

And by da magic of deregulation.


Dis is Amerika.

Da losses you incur for your development

Is da gains we gather from globalization.

Da World Trade Organization

Is da heart of our imperialist exploitation

Future humankind shall inherit dis planet

Replete wid all da profits we reap,

Bereft of all da resources we rape.



Dis is Amerika.

Speaks what you want,

But speaks no evil of Amerika.

No one must contra Amerika,

Nothing must get in da way of Amerika.

Everything Amerika say and do is just.

Anything comes from Amerika is da best.

Da logic of Amerikan affairs and actions is foolproof

Every war Amerika fights is just and reasonable.

Amerika, by hook or by crook, is always right.



Dis is Amerika!

Make no mistake of doing Amerika wrong.

Our gods and godesses in da CIA and da Pentagon

Will deal wid you in da most compassionate of terms.

They will have no qualms and hesitation to terminate

Your existential contracts wid your own gods and goddesses.

We are da preserver and da destroyer of da earth!

We are da dispenser of what is good and what is evil.


                                    Yes, dis is Amerika

We make da wonders of da world!

We make da toys da world’s children play—

Like Santa Klaus we jingles you da joys of terror,

Deliver cleanly da playthings across da deserts,

Beneath da oceans and o’er da mountains and fields

Dashing through da snow in cold-blooded

Accuracy of our cruise missiles,

Our tomahawks, our giant Chinooks,

And all da war stuff that hit and kill

Wid blank precisions der wild targets!

Hearken now to the humming marvel

Of our latest creation, da latest model

Of our spy-brication – the drones!

Drones. . .Drones. . .like buzzing bumble bees

Screw-driving all barriers in air and on da ground!


Hohoho! Hohoho!

Our tanks roll, roar and comb da deserts,

Like veritable pre-historic crawling beasts!

Our warplanes rain down sparkling meteors

Dat bloom into mushrooms of hellfire!

Lo and behold! Terror is da mother of our power.

Der is no terror like Amerikan Superterror.

We are the police robot dat roam da earth

We scorch da forests, boil da seas,

Burn holy lands to ashes,

Crush to rabbles ancient cities,

Crumple human souls to insanities.

We chart da eternal destiny of humankind!


Our name is Amerika,

Da name above every name.

We are da god, da lord of da rings..

Thou shalt not take da name of Amerika in vain..

. . .


                                                                             – don pagusara

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