There’s no need to wait for another publicized tete-a-tete to express our intense admiration of him. When was the last time you thanked your President? Here it goes.

Dear Duterte, you have been right all along.

We thank you for bringing change into our hopeless land. We can never forget how fortunate we were in convincing you to run in the presidential elections back in 2016. Then and now you have been the sole embodiment of political will, popular sovereignty, and law and order – things our nation and other democratic societies must strive for to reach the path of rightness.

Long live your glorious army of benevolent public servants. For they, like you, have penetrated our long-lost utopian vision for a new republic. Your media propagandists, communications specialists, religious pastors, military advisers, and elite sets of economic, political, and legal advisers work seamlessly to help you spill out your desire to the public. They surely owe you their lives for giving them the opportunity to serve our rebellious and uneducated masses.

We surrender ourselves to your candid, no-nonsense, no-bullshit rhetoric. The dominant media celebrates much of your intriguing quotable quotes from time to time. But more important is the fact that your pronouncements are critically reorienting our current political, economic setting. Your pronouncements inculcate nationalism in our hearts and minds, and shed light on who we are as a people. We memorialize some of them as they find their place in our history.

The hell with human rights! Like you, we never bother ourselves with human rights. You are right in saying that illegal drugs are killing our children and our nation. The drug addicts are the enemy. We must get rid of them. We support you as you hunt them down, strike fear in them, and if necessary, kill them in the name of our people. Once these addicts are annihilated, economic progress and political stability await us: the farmers are finally tilting their own lands, contractualization in labor is put to an end, and the desaparecidos are given justice.

Bomb their indigenous schools! Like you, we understand your frustration about the Lumad and other indigenous peoples. You are right in saying that the Lumad indigenous schools are operating without a permit from your Education Department and thus are considered illegal entities under the law. We cannot agree more with the idea that legality and the rule of law are the way to go in a nation like ours whose residents suffer from abject ignorance of the law. It is the will of the ubiquitous gods and goddesses to bless us with a President who is well versed with legalities and who respects the law of the land. We support your accusation that aside from the illegal status of these schools, the Lumad and other indigenous groups who express sympathy with the communists must be bombed to prevent subversion and terrorism in our land. We know you know how proud we are of you, being our first Mindanaoan and self-proclaimed socialist President.

Shoot their vaginas! Like human rights, we say the hell with revolutionary feminism. You are right in mobilizing the might of your military and police forces to shoot the vaginas of women revolutionaries. Your marching order, we are sure, will sustain a climate of fear among the revolutionaries, communists, and your critics in general. Through your pronouncement, we are sure; the revolutionaries will abandon their beliefs and soon concede to the power of your regime. Given your popularity base in cities and far-flung villages, we are certain that the people will renounce their decades-long sympathy with the revolutionaries. They, along with us, will be enlightened by the fact that we are a nation that treats men and women with equality. Never mind the Duterte kiss, or so as your bashers labelled it when you favored the plea of a Filipina for a kiss when you met some overseas contractual workers in Korea. Your critics and the media simply have no idea about the context of that kiss. Your Spokespersons are equally intelligibly right when they claimed that the kiss was a mere reflection of Filipino culture – endearing, playful, and respectful.

Death to the movement! Like you, we are tired of hearing the battle cry of the Left. Serve the people: precisely why you are eliminating by any means the drug addicts. Down with imperialism: that’s why you cursed the US but welcomed their military forces in Philippine soil nonetheless. You inspired us with your ways of diplomacy. Since you are our only self-declared socialist President, we commend your hospitality to China and Russia. Who knows, the Philippines under your tutelage can soon reshape the geopolitical setting in Asia. And we can succeed in this regard by smashing the Left.


Your fellow neoliberal fascist capitalist rightists.


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