All-out war in Mindanao prelude to more US military intervention — Bayan

Aug. 22, 2007

DAVAO CITY – The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan in Southern Mindanao today
concludes that the recent military clashes in Basilan and Sulu are
prelude to wider US military intervention in Mindanao.

“A research group, Focus on the Global South, and a photo taken by
Agence France Press showing US military personnel in an AFP convoy
going to Basilan only confirmed that conflict in Mindanao serves the
US military interest.” Frankie del Rosario, spokesperson of Bayan-SMR

“We also believe that the onslaught in Basilan and Sulu will be
eventually used to justify the full-blown implementation of the Human
Security Act and to get people’s sympathy.”

“Big brother is at it again. After series of bombings in Zamboanga and
North Cotabato, we see US personnel roaming around military camps.
Now, while the AFP is staging a meaningless war, here come a bunch of
US service men joining the AFP convoy, which only proves why the
mindless war in Mindanao is raging.”

US troops on the other hand, denied that they are intervening on the
Basilan-Sulu clash saying that they are just doing site survey on the
area for the military exercise.

“Their reason seems to pose as an inefficient alibi. Why make such
preparations in the middle of our country’s major military campaign?”

Bayan urges the government to immediately pull out the military troops
in Sulu and Basilan and resume peace negotiations with the MILF and
the MNLF.

“The government should also pursue the Senate investigation proposed
by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who received serious insider
information regarding the beheading of 14 members of the Marines,” del
Rosario said.

Bayan also warns of abductions among the Moro people who will be
indicted in the killing of the Marines. “We have witnessed how this
government has treated our Moro brothers and sisters in this so-called
fight against terrorism.”

“They are always the first victims of abuses and harassments while the
real perpetrators especially those coming from the authority can
easily get away.”

“Should this bloodbath continue, the government will not only waste
significant portion of its budget to finance the war but the lives of
the rank-and-file soldiers and the civilians thousands of whom have
already been displaced,” del Rosario said. #

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