DAVAO CITY— The City Council heard an entrepreneur proposing a cable car transportation in the city.

Jerome Ornopia of R3 Industrial Solution Enterprises Inc. introduced a cable car transportation project during his courtesy call at the regular session of the City council Tuesday, July 19.

“We are seeing this as one of the modes in solving traffic problem,” said Ornopia, adding that there is no feasibility study yet for the project

Ornopia said that the study will focus on the “ridership since it is a public transportation” within six to eight weeks.

Ornopia said if the aerial ropeway project pushes through, the project in Davao “will be first in Asia.”

Ornopia said the cable car “is propelled by a motor and there is mono-cable that will pull all the cabin, so it will just be rotating.”

Along with the project, Ornopia said that there will be stations where the cables will pass through to load and unload passengers.

Ornopia said that the cabin can accommodate 10 passengers per ride and the number of cabins “depends on the alignment of steel rope.”

“More or less if the alignment is really long, it can accommodate 10,000 passengers per hour,” he said.

Ornopia said that the cable car project is “less expensive” compared to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and  the Metro Rail Transit (MRT).

“It will depend on the span of alignment, an estimate of P7 billion for the entire project,” he said.

As of now, Ornopia said that he still can’t give the exact the measurement of the height of the cable car transportation from the ground.

“The measurement will depend on the urban structure, the height of the building,” he said.

“It is really safe because I was able to ride about more or less 10,000 feet high in Austria,” he said.

When it comes to durability, Ornopia said that the project will last up to 20 years since its made up of fiber glass and the maintenance is not expensive.

Aside from solving traffic problems, Ornopia said the project can also be an added tourist attraction in the City.

The project was first presented in Cebu, said Ornopia. (davaotoday.com)

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