Philippines: The Center Must Hold

Nov. 30, 2007

For Immediate Release
The Black & White Movement
Contact: Vicente R. Romano III, 0920.961.5610
Leah Navarro. 0917.898.1857
29 November 2007


Once more, our country is at a crossroads. Time and again, the administration has said there is no alternative to it, but more of the same: government by intimidation, bribery, and perversion of the rules. Time and again, the transactional, cynical, brazen methods of this administration have pushed every sector and institution to the wall.

Today, after months of indignities and shabby treatment, officers and men who subjected themselves to the justice system, walked out of the court. Every person has their limit. We recognize and sympathize with fellow citizens like them. Even when the thirst for justice has led citizens to submit to the system, the system leaves our country still thirsting for justice.

We call for sobriety. We call for a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We call, most of all, for all our officials to recognize, once and for all, that dignity is not dispensable, that justice is non-negotiable, that if the lying, cheating, killing and stealing continue, peace will not return.

The problem is not the people, it is the President. The first step is for her to resign. At the same time, all sides must resist the temptation to resolve matters in an undemocratic manner.
The Black & White Movement adds its voice to those who want change, and calls on all our countrymen to stand for what’s right: a democracy, unless it has an administration with an unquestionable mandate, cannot endure, and must end up with a people divided against itself. — END

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