Intl’ Airline to Open Davao-Hongkong Route

Mar. 14, 2007

DAVAO CITY — An international airline will open the Davao-Hong Kong and Hong Kong-Davao route to serve travellers from those areas.

Wanda Teo, president of the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NAITAS), said Hong Kong Air is currently working the papers for its landing rights at the Davao International Airport (DIA).

Teo said the airline is planning to launch two flights per week from Davao to Hong Kong and vise-versa. These flights are set every Tuesday and Sunday every week using Boeing aircraft which has 164 seating capacity, 156 for the economy class and eight for business class.

She said processing of the papers is slated to be finished this month and the aircraft will probably start serving the DIA on May or June this year.

Air Transportation Office (ATO) manager Frederick San Felix, on the other hand, said the Asian Spirit is set to launch its I Golf Club next week where the airline would serve travellers originating from Davao to Inchon, Korea . p>Asian Spirit will start operating its direct Davao-Hong Kong flight on April, Felipe said.

Air Philippines, meanwhile, had started its Davao-Manila-Korea chartered flight last March 5. (PNA)

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