Cigarette companies wooing women, the young – Davao anti-smoking task force

Apr. 10, 2010

DAVAO CITY— A growing number of young kids and women are into smoking cigarettes these days.

Anti-smoking Task Force head Dr. Domilyn Villareiz said this was caused by the persistent and creative product presentation and production of cigarette companies which have now targeted ‘replacement smokers’.

Villareiz explained that replacement smokers are those new, young, and women seen to replace the adult smokers who have stopped the habit.

The city official observed a growing trend of cigarette products which has widened its target users.

From the basic strong cigarettes, there are now mild, light, and low-taw cigarettes sold in the market targeting the young and the women.

New flavors like orange and chocolate have also been integrated in the basic line of cigarette flavor which is basic menthol.

Cigarette cases have also become more colorful, creative, and attractive in the eyes of the buyers.

Villareiz took this trend as another challenge to the 8-year old Anti-Smoking Task Force in Davao City.

Despite the number of awards that the group has received for its commitment of bringing down the number of smokers in the city, Villareiz expressed willingness to address this new challenge as it celebrates its 8th year of service this coming May.

“We will focus our celebration as well as our future efforts on gender and tobacco.” she said.

The city was recently awarded as partner of the Tobacco Control International Advocacy last February 21.

The city was awarded as a partner of the Tobacco Control International Advocacy.

“This award recognizes the city as a part of the Global Smoke-Free Partnership, awarded to the Davao City Anti-Smoking Task Force for the exceptional leadership and commitment to further smoke-free policies by government agencies,” Villareiz said. (PIA XI)

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