DAVAO CITY, Philippines– The City Veterinarian’s Office administered anti-rabies vaccine to 104,731 dogs as of October in the city, an official said.

“We started as early as January on our vaccination program per barangay,” CVO’s Dr. Noel Martin said.

“In ten house hold, one out of ten households owns a dog, and since we have almost 1.6 million population then we used the ratio of 1:10 computation,” he said.

Using the ratio of 1:10 computation, he said, there are approximately 155,000 dogs in Davao City.

He said that they are focus and serious on their anti-rabies vaccination program since dogs are “very critical” when they bite.

“We advised all the people here specifically those who owns dogs to let their dogs vaccinated since this is for the safety of the community around us,” he said.

He also announced that from January to October this year, there are already 4, 164 stray dogs caught and now kept under their custody.

“Usually there are some stray dogs who were not redeem in our department,” he said.

Martin said that their department already imposed penalties where a fine is charged per day for those owner who forgot to claim their dogs.

He said that if the owners failed to claim their dogs on the fourth day, they will have to do a euthanasia to all the unclaimed dogs by overdosing them with anesthesia.(davaotoday.com)


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