Melo Commission Report: Findings

Feb. 23, 2007

4. General Palparan

The rise in killings somehow became more pronounced in areas where General Palparan was assigned. The trend was so unusual that General Palparan was said to have left a trail of blood or bodies in his wake wherever he was assigned. He earned the moniker Berdugo from activist and media groups for his reputation. General Palparan ascribes his grisly reputation to his enemies, as part of their propaganda campaign to discredit him and to denigrate his excellent performance in implementing the various missions and programs assigned to him by his superiors.

General Palparan, clearly the man in the center of the maelstrom, admits to having uttered statements openly encouraging persons to perform extrajudicial killings against those suspected of being communists, albeit unarmed civilians. Worse, he was reported to have expressed delight at the disappearance of at least two persons, mere students, but who were suspected of being communist or activists.[67] Among these inculpatory items are the following:

?Gen. Palparan stated that certain Organizations and Party List Representatives act as support systems providing materials and shelter for the CPP-NPA. [68]

?Interviewed by Pia Hontiveros and Tony Velasquez on the TV Program Top Story, Gen. Palparan, when asked why he considered organizations like Bayan Muna as fronts for the NPA, responded, saying a lot of the members are actually involved in atrocities and crimes When asked what evidence he had to support this allegation, he said that he had no evidence, but that he could feel it.

?Referring to certain activist organizations, Gen. Palparan mentioned:

Even though they are in Government as Party List Representatives, no matter what appearance they take, they are still Enemies of the State. (May 16, 2006, Philippine Daily Inquirer)[69]

The Party List Members of Congress are doing things to further the revolution, the communist movement I wish they were not there (Interview with Pia Hontiveros and Tony Velasquez — Top Story)[70]

It is my belief that these members of party list in Congress are providing the day-to-day policies of the rebel movement (February 3, 2006, French Press Agency)[71]

in the course of our operation, there were some reports that that BAYAN MUNA headquarters at the time in Mindoro was used as a hideout of the armed group. And as I said, a recruitment agency because they recruit young people there as members of some organizations then eventually go up in the mountain. And then, there were those who surrendered to us confirming this [72]

? In connection with the repeal of the anti-subversion law, he stated:

I want communism totally erased. (May 21, 2006, Philippine Star)[73]

to wage the ongoing counterinsurgency by “neutralizing” not just armed rebels but also a web of alleged front organizations that include leftist political parties, human-rights and women’s organizations, even lawyers and members of the clergy. (Wagging the Buffalo- September 25, 2006, Newsweek)[74]

I Encouraged Civilians to Fight Back (August 22, 2006 issue of Manila Standard Today)

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