Duterte acts on Korean trader’s complaint

Nov. 09, 2009

Davao City – Upon orders of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the city director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) P/Sr. Supt. Ramon Apolinario was directed to investigate numerous threats directed to Park Young Kwon and his employees, as well as provide security for their protection.

Park is a car parts importer, the owner and president of P.K. Industries and Trading Services, Inc., located in Barangay Lasang, Bunawan District. Park requested assistance from the Mayor after he got several threats by telephone and through text messages.

Park’s corporate secretary, Rosennie Mapanao has also received numerous threats from mobile phone number 09206905074.

On October 19, 2009, Mapanao received two more text messages, one of which said that a bomb had been planted in their car rebuilding plant in Licanan.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Duterte dated Oct 21, 2009, Park identified one of his former employees, Junrel Russel, who has a brother at the PASG (Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group), Jumar Russel, as the person behind these threats. Agent Jumar used to guard their company premises at Licanan and was an in-house guard at their Bangkal display center. Under Jumar’s watch, a 4-door Hyundai Accent was stolen.

When Jumar was brought to the Talomo Police station for investigation, he pretended to go to the comfort room but he escaped. Until now, he is nowhere to be found. We filed a theft case against him, but he has not been arrested.
In June of this year, P.K. Industries was involved in a legal battle after the PASG conducted a raid of their warehouse and display center in Lasang and Lanang; some 235 units of imported cars worth about 1 billion pesos were seized. This even after the Bureau of Customs cleared the car parts importer from any liability, stating that their inventory team reported no irregularities in the operations at the car assembly plant of P.K. Industries.
In the middle of this legal battle, PASG-special operations group mindanao director Mohammad Aquia was relieved of his post.

The mayor’s chief-of-staff, Patricia Melizza B. Ruivivar, signed the letter addressed to PNP city director Apolinar to respond directly to Park’s request for investigation and protection and to advise the mayor’s office for the action taken by the DCPO. (PIA XI)

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